Dama Blanca | Salt of Cádiz


Salinas of Cádiz, with its Dama Blanca brand, is a family project that was born from the impulse of two people in love with the sea, in a privileged environment with more than 3,000 years of history in the artisanal cultivation of salt.


We were asked to design the packaging for their line of three SKUS products (fine salt, coarse salt and fleur of salt flakes). The objective is to create a premium and elegant design, which combines with the two main values ​​of the brand, history and authenticity, transmitted from generation to generation since the Phoenicians by the salt masters of the Bay of Cádiz.


We have resolved the design of the pack by transferring these strengths of the brand to the visual language of the packaging, where we have used natural raw materials such as cardboard and cork, a color palette associated with the sea and the color of the salt flats, as well as iconography that we have created to highlight the artisanal nature of the products, along with a very careful and clean layout and composition.The logo and the icons used have been created exclusively for the brand. The main illustration is an avocet, one of the main birds that nest in the salt flats during the months of April and May, which forces salt cultivation activity to be suspended to favor research work at the University of Cádiz.—

YEAR / 2023


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