Seeds Of Joy – Lunar New Year Gift Box 2024



Celebrate the Lunar New Year with “Seeds of Joy,” the gift set is meticulously crafted for 2024, the year of the Wood Dragon. Drawing inspiration from this auspicious year’s predictions of prosperity, abundance, and growth, “Seeds of Joy” embodies the concept of The Joy Awaiting. As opportunities and luck are gradually coming to every household, I hope this gift set will be one of your happy surprises this year.

Inside the box, you’ll find a selection of various nuts. These nuts symbolize the act of sowing and growth, reflecting the potential and opportunities brimming just beneath the surface in 2024. The packaging box is designed as a dragon carrying the “seeds of joy”. This concept brings fun and interactivity to your celebration, encouraging you to unlock the joy hidden within each delicious nut.


As the initial concept, the packaging design uses minimal elements to form a dragon’s head and scales. It skips colors and uses printing technique to reveal the dragon’s hidden form, leaving you wondering what exciting things lie inside. Spot UV printing technique creates a transparent and sparkling effect resembling dragon scales.

Furthermore, a burst of colors is hidden inside the box, waiting to be discovered! Using the art of paper folding to create the body of the dragon, its scales adorned with lucky seed patterns. This isn’t just a present, it’s a messenger of joy, ready to bring happiness and luck to the homeowner.


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