The Busker Single Pot Still: Redefining Authentic Irish Whiskey


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The Busker Single Pot Still: Redefining Authentic Irish Whiskey

The Royal Oak Distillery is an internationally renowned distillery, housed within a historic estate dating back to the 18th century and located at Holloden House, in County Carlow, in Ireland’s Ancient East region. The Busker represents the most original and distinctive expression of true Irish Whiskey, merging the oldest traditions with the most modern and innovative distillation and aging techniques.

The Royal Oak Distillery’s Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey “The Busker” is distilled from malted barley, processed in copper pot stills, and matured in former Bourbon and Sherry casks. It boasts an intense amber color, with a rich and complex bouquet; each sip reveals its authentically spicy and vanilla character, warm and full-bodied, with a long-lasting finish.

The design of the new bottle of the Small Batch – Single Pot Still line has the aim of emphasizing the origin and strength of the Brand: the broad-shouldered design, the precious embossed glass and the innovative design of the label on a craft paper, tell the heritage, temperament and decidedly authentic character of the product in a distinctive way. All the finishing elements of the label add elegant details and finishes with unique effects, for a product intended for whiskey lovers.

The Busker Single Malt won the Gold Medal and the “Category Winner” award for the “Single Malt No Age Statement” category at the 2024 World Whiskeys Awards.


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