Baklava Package (Narin)



A Modern and Appetizing Touch to Traditional Flavors.
These packages, which meet consumers in San Francisco and California, are a source of pride for the NARIN brand.

NARIN is a San Francisco-based food company and its product range is all about food. The baklava series, one of the most valuable products of the NARIN is known for its excellent quality products. For this reason, we paid as much attention to the packaging design as we do to the quality of the products.

When designing the packaging, we adopted a simple and modern approach that emphasizes the quality of the product. Our aim was to attract the attention of consumers, whet their appetite and provide them with clear information about the product, and we succeeded.

Since these packages will be placed on the shelves of restaurants, stores and markets, I used a smart design for the box. With the flexible shelf layout, we ensured that they can see the packaging in the best way from every angle in both horizontal and vertical placement. And thanks to this smart box design, we also showed the importance we attach to the seller.

NARIN BAKLAVA Packaging significantly increased sales and attracted great interest. It then paved the way for baklava series and even new product varieties.

The four main elements we focused on when determining the concept were the logo, the quality of the product, attracting attention, stimulating appetite and informing the consumer.

I like simplicity in my designs with a modern touch and a clear expression.

At the end of the day, even though each project reflects the identity of a brand, each completed design bears my own signature. I approach every project I undertake with as much care and excitement as if it were a part of my own brand. This dedication and passion makes each packaging unique. Most importantly, I am excited to provide the best service to my customers. I do design not as a duty, but with love and pleasure. This energy is reflected on the consumers. And as a holistic picture, the brand, me and ultimately the consumer are happy and satisfied.

I am ready to collaborate with new brands, work together, develop creative projects, meet products and contribute to growth with great excitement and enthusiasm.

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