Lickies Doggy Ice Cream Packaging Design

Lickies Doggy Ice Cream Packaging

Lickies is the go-to ice cream brand for dogs. They offer 20 fun, healthy flavors that will have your pooch zooming. They need a packaging design that is practical for doggies to consume the ice cream, also keeping everything on brand.

The packaging design is in a delightful, pet-friendly packaging that is designed to catch the eye of pet owners while ensuring the product’s appeal and functionality. The packaging features a blend of playful and soothing elements, creating an inviting look that resonates with both pets and their owners.

The use of pastel pink and blue creates a soft and friendly vibe. Pink is often associated with warmth and nurturing, which appeals to pet owners looking for a treat for their beloved pets. Blue adds a contrasting coolness, implying freshness and reliability.

A realistic and appetizing scoop of vanilla ice cream is prominently featured on the front. This visual immediately communicates the product’s flavor and its creamy texture, enticing pet owners.

Overall, the “Lickies Vanilla Scoop” packaging design combines playful elements with clear communication to create a product that is both attractive and functional, ensuring it stands out on the shelves and appeals to pet owners looking for a delightful treat for their dogs.