Orifrum Natural Fruit Spread


ORIFRUM Packaging design by iframe design studio

We are thrilled to present our latest project: a series of natural jams crafted from the finest Greek fruits. Our mission as iframe design studio was to create packaging that elevates the product as a brand, and making it stand out on the shelves.

Illustrations: Bringing Nature to Life

At the heart of our design are hand-drawn illustrations that capture the essence of the Greek Fruits. Each jar features a unique illustration that represents the natural and artisanal quality of the jams. These illustrations add a touch of artistry and invite customers to experience the beauty and richness of Greek nature in every spoonful.

Bold Typography: Making a Statement

We believe that packaging design at ORIFRUM should speak to the consumer, and our bold typography does just that. The striking fonts we’ve chosen are not only eye-catching but also convey the premium quality of the product. Each label is designed by iframe design studio to be easily readable, ensuring that the product’s name and key features are prominently displayed. This clarity in design helps in building brand recognition and trust.

Vibrant Colors: Catching the Eye

Our use of vibrant colors is a deliberate choice to attract attention and create a memorable visual identity. Each flavor is represented by a specific color palette, making it easy for customers to identify their favorite jams at a glance. The bright, cheerful colors reflect the natural and fresh ingredients used in the jams, enhancing their appeal and emphasizing their health benefits.