Designed by Queralt Antú Serrano of OVNI, Spain.

Borinots are small square pastries, made from milk chocolate “pa de pessic” (a type of light sponge cake), filled with hazelnut cream and with an almond flavored crunchy topping. They are available in two different sized boxes of 32 and 18 pieces.

Based in the tradition of the wrapping of pastries, the packaging has some particularities. The closure represents the animal after which the product is named the Borinot (a flying buzzing insect) including wings made of polystyrene which are the only added element, given that the rest of the package is pressed from a single piece.

The softness, delicacy and fantasy of the forms is further enhanced by the floral stamps, inspired by Japanese kimonos. The conceptual representation of the Borinot can also be seen through the lettering, which takes advantage of the second letter of the Word Borinot to incorporate an icon illustration of this animal.

The packaging of these pastries is carefully designed and which seeks to use the materials to perfection. The current hygiene laws permit an internal finish, with a special film which resists oil stains. In this way it remains clean at all times.

Definitively it is a lovely packaging, detailed and rich in shades, dedicated to the protection of pastries made as lovingly as it itself is.

Photography by Katja Seidel.

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