Verona VR, Italia

Designed by Happycentro, Italy.

Sabadì is a brand that mainly focuses, since its birth, to eatables that have a magic inside.

The first product that came out of this brand is a “cioccolato di Modica”, a typical sicilian way of making chocolate, in this case made by extraordinary cocoa selected in Ecuador, in six combinations with strong personality. The raw materials used come from fair trade producers and Slow Food presidia with respect for small indigenous communities, the environment and biodiversity.

We started by studying and designing the logo and entire brand identity, that had to match owner’s mood about business and life in general. Sabadì (sounds like Saturday in italian) is “… perhaps the day that does not exist… the day when we slow down, we reflect on what is really important…”.

We then developed its first chocolate collection designing 6 characters, 6 packages and a crowner.

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