the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

Designed by the Labelmaker, Bulgaria.

The White Stallion is a hot new wine. It’s the latest addition to the Stallion Wine range of bulgarian based winery Angelus Estate S.A.

Despite the previous versions of Stallion labels we decided to reverse the colours makeing the horse and the ground white (because it is a white wine and a white stallion) and the skies turned into deep black colour.

The tactile varnish here for the running tracks and the horse is even stronger than the other labels in the range. We also decided to keep the copper hotfoil but this time we made the letters a bit thicker makeing the title more solid because it was printed against white background (not on black as it was before)
We are optimistic tha White stallion will receive enough attention as the Gray Stallion did – awarded with Gold Medal for Label design form San Francisco International Wine Competition, 2012.

Another special touch of the White Stallion design is the white sealing wax at the top of the bottom. The glass colour is almost balck so we decided to use white wax to emphasize the meaning of white in the whiole package.