Agency: 43’oz
Designer: Alex Kodimsky
Client: Smart Logistic Solution (Belgium)
Country: Moldova

Label design for Scotch whiskey “Tartan”

The project was to develop whiskey label design for the “Tartan” trade mark, client-company – Smart Logistic Solution (Belgium). Presented product is a classic Scotch whiskey of ‘blended’ category that is produced by blending (mixing) of malt and grain base. The bottling of whiskey took place in its historical homeland in Glasgow, Scotland.

At the beginning of the project we developed a logotype for the trade mark “Tartan”, the main element of which became a capital letter “T”, stylized as a Scottish sword.

Label design was performed in a style of classic Scottish pattern. In general, approximately 50% of entire label is covered with a pattern of “tartan”. The whole label surface is presented as a material fragment, where in a rhomb-shaped area we can find the name of a brand and text filling.

Combined label printing (offset and screen-printing) was performed on a high-quality wine paper Centure Blanc, using up-to-date post-printing technologies such as embossing, gold foil stamping and tactile varnish.