Droga Chocolates


Creative Agency: Pavement
Designer: Michael Hester
Client: Droga Chocolates
Country: USA
Project Type: Commercial Work

Droga Chocolate’s founder grew up addicted to her mother’s homemade rocky road candy, a treat made special by its unique twist of replacing walnuts with salted peanuts. Inspired by her mother’s ingenuity, Droga creates new, irresistible treats by combining nostalgic flavors with modern twists using premium, all natural ingredients.

The new brand identity uses vivid colors and bold typographic elements to create a light-hearted and fun brand experience. Inspired by current fashion advertising, the design creates a stylishly feminine feel well suited for high-end retailers. Vintage-styled illustrations of the candies in place of photography give the brand a slight nostalgic twist. The end result is an eye-catching package that personifies the brand’s innovative recipes.