The Biscuit Pack (Concept)

shreya mittal

Agency: Satyajit Mittal & Shreya Chandorkar
Project Type: Concept
Location: Pune, India
Packaging Contents: Biscuits
Packaging Materials: paperboard with innerside lamination, foodgrade transparent plastic

The Biscuit Pack is a concept that aims at enhancing the user’s experience of having tasty shrewsbury biscuits in a exclusive premium packaging. The package is designed in a way where the biscuits do not have to be shifted to another container nor do they have to struggle with getting the biscuits out. The stucture of the package is – A truncated hexagonal prism base, Outer hexagonal prism with an opening at the bottom made of paperboard with inner side laminated, Inner plastic hexgonal prism which helps in opening and shutting the pack and help maintains the freshness of the biscuits.

To dispense the biscuit, one has to lift-up the inner plastic hexagonal prism and slide out a biscuit through the opening and slide it back to shut the box. There is a window cut-out in front of the pack to indicate as to how many of the tasty shrewsbury biscuits are left in the pack. This makes the packaging very sophisticated and premium as it intensifies the experience of having the famous biscuits. It could also become a good gifting pack and would stand tall at retail shelves of airports and other premium outlets for biscuit lovers.

What’s Unique?
The shape of the box is a hexagon, which compliments the shape of the circular biscuit and also helps in areas such as stacking, protection while transportation , sturdiness. The biscuits are dispensed from the bottom of the box which is the most unique aspect of this packaging. The box has a truncated base, which helps the biscuit to slide out easily when pulled, overall giving a very unique experience to the user.