Staro Oryahovo Wine



Agency: the Labelmaker
Designer: Jordan Jelev
Staro Oryahovo Typography: Ropa Soft Pro by Lettersoup
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Staro Oryahovo Winery
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Packaging Contents: Wine

Staro Oryahovo wine labels are telling another inspiring wine story

Staro Oryahovo wine labels have short but inspiring story – a Story of Red, White and Rose. It all started in 2014 when we first met the winery’s CEO – they used to have an old label with a strange tree on it telling a story about tradition in wine-making, life, generations etc. We redesigned the existing label making the tree more attractive as well as the rest of the label. It all went well and we did a great job until the spring of 2015 when our creative director Jordan Jelev decided to make this time not just a tree but The Tree… and started working on it until he reached this final result – a tree silhouette printed in different hot-foils and engraved with wavy pattern depicting wood rings. The tree looked so unique that he decided to extend and emboss the wavy pattern all over the paper of the new wrapping label. The final touch was adding a round curve to end the right top part of the label making it look like a hillside.

The result was simply amazing – a very memorable label with iconic tree and a special embossed wavy texture making the ordinary paper look like a very special custom one. The label is very contemporary as well as the long elegant bottle. With this artwork we believe we have successfully linked the Past and its traditions with our modern times and technologies in wine-making.

The winery produces mostly white wines but they also have excellent reds and amazing rose. Depending on grape variety we have WHITE, RED or Rose STORY – all sharing same design, changing only the hot-foil and the background color for each of the wines. Whites and the rose use Stelvin closure while the reds use classic cork cap with tin capsule – all branded with Bulgaria’s map icon on the top to indicate the wine’s origin.