Rumelia Syrah Wine Label

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

Creative Agency: the Labelmaker
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rumelia Wine Cellar
Location: Bulgaria
Packaging Contents: Red wine syrah
Packaging Materials: Glass, self adhesive label, paper, sealing wax, cork cap

Rumelia Syrah wine label – the gold arena of Reds

Rumelia Syrah wine took its name from the name of the Cellar – Rumelia Wine Cellar. Based near Panagiyrishte, Bulgaria, this boutique winery is right in the center of the heart of Bulgaria’s best red wines. Rumelia is winery’s top premium brand and this it’s actually the birth of a new high level wine range. The word “red” has special and even sacred meaning here speaking of wine and especially speaking of this particular wine cellar. We were honored to design a label for their best wines.

Picking a bottle was not difficult – though it took us some time back and forth, we have finally decided to use the amazing burgundy style bottle Agape by Saverglass. Premium cork was used for sealing and we were really at the crossroad whether to choose tin capsule or wax – wax dominated at last but the initial images have versions with capsule too.

We picked one of our favorite wine papers – Velmart by UPM Raflatac and we used it the best way. Its original color is white, but when print solid heavy color – like black for example – the texture of the paper wakes for a new life. It somehow becomes more visible and in some viewing angles it looks even like a skin of an animal.

The Rumelia Syrah wine label features an abstract image of ancient roman arena (amphitheater) because the whole region is closely related with Thrace and later with Roman Culture. It is printed with matt rich gold hot-foil and the same motif could be seen overprinted against black background with transparent raised varnish. As a result we made very contrast classy label where gold effects and natural textures are almost everything for its attractive premium look.

Releasing the Rumelia Syrah wine label was a great success and challenging design adventure. We believe that the range will soon expand with other great red wines by Rumelia Wine Cellar.