Zerbinati Flan’z

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Creative Agency: Break Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Zerbinati
Location: Milan, Italy
Packaging Contents: Food

Zerbinati has been operating in the vegetable market for 40 years. Through product innovation (it was among the first to sell ready-to-eat packed vegetables) the company has earned itself the reputation of a vegetable specialist. Today Zerbinati launches FlanZ, an entirely vegetable ready-to-eat dish that can be eaten either as an appetizer, a second main or a side dish. It is the first product of its kind to be sold in the refrigerated section of Italian supermarkets.

As the Flan, as a dish, is unknown to many consumers, the new brand and packaging must convey the offering in the clearest possible way.

The first objective was to help consumers understand the new product: the packaging illustrates it with a very clear picture, transparencies on the right side and a lengthy descriptor on the left one.

The form of the pack (fresh and impacting by itself) was supported with vivid colours in order to increase visibility on the shelf. The chromatic range used, however, is still a natural one and relates to the colours of the vegetable world.

The simplicity of the name helps to clarify the offering and the “Z” from Zerbinati characterizes it. This combination allows to carry on and reinforce the branding philosophy started with BurgerZ, another recent launch of the dynamic company