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Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: AURIKA
Graphic designer: Vytas Palavinskas
Project Type: Produced
Client: Social enterprise ART OR BUSINESS
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Home fragrance
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, glass
Printing Process: Flexography

Series of fragrances were created by blind children within the scope of social initiative “Invisible world of scents”.

Blind people do see but in a different way – that is the background belief of this initiative. It aims to increase the socialization of blind children and young people, to encourage them to create, to build trust and develop their best qualities.

As a result actual products were launched under the trade mark DOT STORY – home fragrances and the book. Fairy tales in the book were also created by children. Both texts and images are printed in Braille and include the fragrance that is locked in the cover page by the label. Therefore the book combines 4 senses: seeing, touching, hearing and smelling.

Money that is collected from the sales of products that are manufactured under the trade mark DOT STORY is used to sponsor further activities of this initiative.

What’s Unique?
In order to communicate the purpose of social initiative Braille was incorporated into design of labels and actually printed. Sensory perception of fragrance labels is enhanced by tactile soft-touch material. Label for the book performs as fragrance locker and is reclosable.

Braille print on labels makes them equally readable for both audiences – people who can and who can not see.