Storytelling Christmas Calendar

Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: Aurika
Creative Team: Vytaute Zoviene, Justas Ivanauskas, Kristina Kratko
Copy Writer: Lina Raulinaviciene
Project Type: Self-promotion
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Glass, Rigid Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

Task: to surprise company customers by emotion-evoking Christmas present.

Solution: Christmas calendar was created by company creative team.

24 pieces of glass jars were filled with four seasons related products. Each product told a unique story that was printed on the label. All together they were meant to bring the recipients back to the yearly experiences and to wish for the new ones, e.g. goji berries – to wait for the “Sunshine” of spring, freeze dried strawberries – to enjoy the “The first sweetness” of summer, freeze dried carrots – to remind that “It’s time to harvest” in autumn, Winter scent tealight – to invite to “Return home for Christmas”.

Each printed label includes unique, season related color. Variety of colors symbolize the field of activities of Aurika that is printing house, label and packaging manufacturer. Combination of tactile label surfaces (soft and sand-touch) is meant to enhance emotional bond and graphics.

As a result a colorful and emotional Storytelling Christmas Calendar was created to share and enjoy. In order to add cosines to this festive season and to inspire how glass jars can be reused each season ended up with tealight in the glass jar.

Material for the labels was chosen in the same composition as the jar lid in order to make the lid 100% recyclable when wasted.

Final decoration in brand colors added festivity to this Christmas calendar.