Studio Look At That

London, UK

Agency: Studio Look At That
Creative Director & Founder: Finlay Brazier
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Milk

Ordinary Dairy explores the link between the dairy industry’s typographic heritage and modern-day culture. Cornwall has dairy running through its veins. In the early 1930s to the late 1960s vintage dairy tankers chugged through the countryside and milk-floats zipped around metropolitan cities. These vehicles rejected cow or lush hillside imagery and iconography, instead, the emphasis was on the typography. Industrial, sans serif and script typefaces, were commonly used.

The vintage and industrial style is not only trendy with heritage brands but also cafes. Think reclaimed wood furniture, exposed brick and hand-painted signs. It’s Independent, offbeat, minimalist and arty. Brooklyn-based writer Kyle Chayka coined the term Airspace to describe the proliferation of this style around the world, not just in cafes, but hotels, restaurants, your home, Airbnb apartments and co-working spaces. Ordinary Dairy retains the quality of a heritage brand but at the same time can seamlessly integrate into any Airspace environment.

The label’s arching words are reminiscent of rolling hills where cattle graze, and the script face speaks to the creaminess of the milk. A utilitarian colour system for the labels is used to indicate the different varietals. Ordinary Dairy produces a whole, organic and barista milk.

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These days barristers will only serve the finest freshly ground, single-origin, Fairtrade coffee, but often the milk is forgotten about. If three-quarters of your latte is milk then you better make sure it’s a good one. Little do customers know that some extraordinary thinking goes into making their coffee the same every day. Ordinary 4% Barista Milk is blended for consistency, every batch is tested to make sure it’s textured and microfoams perfectly. From farm to foam, this milk was made for coffee, proving an old cow can learn new tricks.