Studio Look At That

London, UK

Agency: Studio Look At That
Creative Director & Founder: Finlay Brazier
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Paper Label

Due to the surge in popularity of low intervention natural wine, the idea of interfering in the winemaking process has developed a negative association. Interference Wine was created to combat the unfair negative connotations surrounding conventional wine.

In the consumer’s mind, something that is interfered with can’t be as premium or of high quality. The naysayers believe that interrupting will negatively impact the process, but Interference Wine offers a consistent product that’s perfectly refined. There’s an element of craft and precision that humans and technology bring to the winemaking process that a natural process can’t replicate. I’m sure this will be a battle for the ages, human intervention and technology vs nature.

Interference Wine embraces the negative term and celebrates interference on every label. Using numerous digital processes we created patterns that show the organicness in digital inspired patterns, from tv static that looks like the layers of well-draining vineyard soil to the layering of dots that’s reminiscent of a tank of freshly picked pinot noir grapes. The colours are bright and unexpected for the wine category, helping further the idea that Interference Wine is not your usual archaic conventional wine brand.

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