Spoon of Love – Sustainable Food Delivery Packaging

Pckd Studio

Mumbai, India

Agency: PCKD
Graphic designer: Haiku Branding
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Spoon Of Love
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Vegetarian Global Cuisine, Khowsuey, Lebanese Falafel Bowl, Mexican Burrito Bowl
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Bagasse, Bamboo Fiber

Our client ‘Spoon of Love’ approached us with a requirement that needed their food delivery packaging to be sustainable, easy to eat out of, safe for consumers and tamper proof.

While designing the packaging, our goal was to make the food look as good as it does, when professionally plated in a restaurant. Each meal can be eaten directly out of the box – while on the go, in the office or at home, thus eliminating the need to plate every item.

The cutouts for the small round sauce cups have been kept optional & can be easily popped-out in case the chef decides to add an extra item to the box. This was important as we wanted to give the chef the flexibility to add or subtract any food item in the future.

We are most proud of the packaging we exclusively designed for Khowsuey and it’s 09 separate toppings.

During our research, we found that every restaurant mixes all of khowsuey’s toppings and ingredients together in a box and then sends it out for delivery, thus ruining the integrity of it’s ingredients. Our goal was to pack every ingredient separately, so that they don’t lose their taste and texture and remain fresh when opened. The user also gets the freedom to choose what quantity of the topping he/she desires. We managed to fit just the right portion sizes in a safe and delivery friendly package, while giving the same experience of assembling a khowsuey like you do at a restaurant.

The Khowsuey, along with the other meal boxes, can be assembled and eaten directly out of the box, which truly is a very unique experience.

What’s Unique?
Each bagasse food container is heat sealed with a protective layer, that keeps the freshness in and the germs out! The packaging is designed, so as to assure the customers that no tampering has taken place while their food was out for delivery. The eco-friendly containers we used are 100% compostable, food-grade, non-toxic & microwave friendly, thus making food easy to re-heat before consumption.

The entire meal box, if easy to eat out of ; and more over, easy to dispose after consumption.