Leo Tavares


Design: Leo Tavares
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Mustard
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar
Printing Process: Printing on vinyl paper

The Most ™ yellow mustard has been produced for more than 10 years by the Most family as a recipe passed down from generation to generation. Most is a traditional Austin – Texas family that likes to gather friends for barbecues and hot dogs. Always in their meetings, there is the famous classic yellow mustard of the Most family that is loved by all. As so many friends and family always wanted to take some pots home, they decided to turn it into a commercial product. So our challenge was to create a visual identity and label for Most Classic Mustard, which had a low production cost but without losing the style and the emphasis on the family name.

Taking this story into account, we created a logo that emphasized the name Most so that people could really associate the product with the classic family recipe. We use a fluid and contrasting typography, like a good mustard sauce.

The jar was kept as a trace of the original homemade recipe, as friends and family members took their portions of mustard to their homes in jars, but we added an adhesive label to bring the project’s visual identity. We use only two colors to keep the low production cost: Pantone 136 CP (mustard yellow) and black. With this, we achieved a high visual contrast for a reduced cost since it only takes two colors in its production.

The label’s adhesive material is printed vinyl paper, as it is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity since our product must be preserved in the fridge. Vinyl is also a low-cost material, but it has a refined texture and touch that we needed to create a product that had a more familiar and simple face, but without losing the visual appeal that the product required.

Along with the packaging, we also developed eco bags that can be sold, used for gifts or merchandising material. They are also developed thinking about the low cost, keeping the same two colors of the label, but printed on silkscreen

What’s Unique?
The label is printed with only two colors, and gains details and textures with the embossed foreheads, in order to achieve a final product with low production cost, but without losing its visual appeal.