Brotos Cozinha Vegetariana

Leo Tavares



Brotos Cozinha Vegetariana is a company that emerged with the hunger to change the world through a healthier and lighter diet, without the consumption of animals. The brand believes that a new look at the way we consume food can radically impact our health and reduce animal suffering. The company’s proposal is 100% natural vegan or vegetarian meals and juices, gluten and lactose-free, which can be frozen or consumed on the spot practically and efficiently precisely for those who want to maintain a balanced diet even amid the daily rush.

Our challenge was to build a simple and light brand and communication for the company, as well as a set of labels for Meals, Salads, and Juices. For that, we decided to build an all-type language that plays with contrasts between colors and the shapes of the letters on the labels. Regarding labels, we seek to reduce production costs by proposing that instead of having a label for each of the 10 different dishes, we use an intelligent and customizable label, where the chef can fill in the tags what flavor of the meal is kept in that pan. This label also serves as a seal for the containers, helping in their conservation and transport.