Agency: WarmThanksDesign
Designer: Yoshie Tokudome
Location: Japan
Project Type: Produced
Client: enonimu
Product Launch Location: Japan
Packaging Contents: Music CD
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Envelope(Paper quality/FP tin silver
Printing Process: Digital print , Emboss

This package is from the artist “enonimu” who is active in Japan. Created as a new music album, this CD jacket is made entirely of paper (envelopes). Create a CD case / CD case cover using an envelope.

The design of this jacket is written in Japanese as “mouhitotsuno,”, meaning of “mouhitotsuno,” is “another,” in english. And when “hitotsu” is expressed in kanji, it becomes a horizontal straight line “ー”, and these lines gather to form “something”. I want people to find meaning in “something” by listening to the music.

In this jacket, “something” expresses the sea with a concrete image. There are some titles with the image of the sea in the song titles of this album and if you read the artist name upside down, Since “enonimu” itself means “the sound of the sea,” it is represented by lines that image the waves of the sea.