Galaxie de Sons- CD jacket design



CD jacket design for soprano saxophonist Sumika’s 3rd album “The Galaxy of Sound”.

(Logo, jacket design, CD, flyer)

The CD, which features songs inspired by galaxies, planets, and the universe, was designed to compare the songs to constellations.

The jacket is made of paper, and the paper itself is made of glossy Star Dream paper.

The logo portion uses a foil stamping process.

On the back of the CD jacket, there is a notch with a round window, so that the constellation changes depending on the angle at which the booklet is inserted.

Also, the CD disc is not printed with white ink, but colors are printed directly on the silver disc surface, and the colors change depending on the angle of view by using a gradation expression.

No matter where you look, you can feel the beauty of the galaxy on this CD.