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Design: Sachi Mahajan
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: National Institute of Design, AP
Tutor: Namisha Naidu
Packaging Contents: Coconut cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood
Printing Process: Digital Printing

I choose the brand Cocoguru specifically for its wide range of coconut products in Karnataka. Cocoguru Coconut Industries Private Limited are manufacturers of pure coconut products. This is a package for a coconut cream product. Company was formed with the vision to spread the benefits of coconut to people and it has come a long way with still a long way to go.

Studying the personality of the brand to visuals was main agenda of this project. I crafted unique visual languages to establish Cocoguru as a brand that stands for traditional as well as contemporary. The traditional theme was inspired by the memory of sitting on the Gokarna beach in my childhood days under the shadow of the huge coconut leaf which made me relax. It is a stress free zone for the fishermen, locals of karnataka who take a nap under these coconut trees after a tiring day. I studied the shapes of coconut and incorporated smoothness of the cream. The contemporary personality is inspired by the vibrant colours in beach parties. It represents bold and sharp whereas calm and composed for the traditional. I distinguished them by using minimal/maximal approach, colours and patterns.

Lastly, I sent this concept to them. They replied back for future consideration.

What’s Unique?
Taking a holistic view of consumers packaging needs the technique of Packaging reduction is used. Instead of putting it in layers of carboard/plastic, this wooden box is a complete piece. Using as minimum materials without compromising performance, and ultimately keeping the elegance of the product intact. After emptying the cream, can be used as a container for spices, stationery or jewelry storage.