Ermut, a proud and rapacious bird


Design: Lettera7
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Ermut
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Fragrance, menswears, beardsoap, beardtonic, aftershave
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, paper
Printing Process: Offset

A clever inspection of the habits of contemporary man and the experience of highly qualified barbers flow into a project that aims to offer a great ally for the male personal care.

Ermut is a line of skin, beard and hair care products made with quality ingredients and pleasant textures designed for those who want to always feel at their best. Ermut arises in the industry thanks to an elegant and versatile style and to a line-up of products that easily fit men with different characteristics who share the same goal of comfort.

To communicate the values of Ermut we imagined an animal guide, a proud and rapacious bird that drives the man in a fantastic garden where time stops and leaves space for well-being. Every man’s routine is made of simple but essential gestures that help him to vigorously face the chaotic days and for this reason every Ermut formulation answers to a specific need: hydratation, cleansing, rebalancing action, after shave and styling. In the frenzy of modern life it is essential to carve out a small daily space in which to reconcile body and spirit.

Ermut is the sacred animal that drives the contemporary man on this mystical journey, carrying him to a corner of paradise where wellness and quiet fade the frenzy of the outside world and he can allow himself his 10 minutes of peace.