Tattoos tells the sailors’ stories


The precious anchovies of Cetara Armatore wear a robe inspired by one of the most fascinating aspects of sea life: the stories the sailors tell through the multitude of tattoos that cover their bodies.

The skin, burned by the salt and furrowed by the wind, becomes a thin border that divides the stormy adventures in the infinity of the sea and the universe of sensations that lies within each of them.

With this project, we have tried to give back the tale of their stories through the evoking images which mark their skin.

We have researched and imagined these stories and we told it through a series of iconic images bearing intimate meanings but expressed by shared symbols.

The illustrations that cover the packaging were realized tattooing on the synthetic leather to reach a realistic result and to recall the means of luck they used to tattoo during the navigation.

The can is placed in a pack inspired by the self-folding Japanese boxes, for the jar we chose a textured paper which simulates the leather to offer the same tactil impact, rough and wrinkled, of their skin.