Cheezus – Cheezy Crunchy Nachos


Design: Cassandra Ho
Location: United States
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Tutor: Hannah Johnson
Packaging Contents: Nacho box, to-go cup, to-go bag, basket liner
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Cheezus is a brand that aims to promote public awareness about packaging waste in the United States and intends to aid in a greener environment. As our promise to better the economy, all of our packaging products are either recyclable or compostable. Cheezus is not only the best nacho cheese brand, we are also one of the best caretakers on the planet! In Cheezus, we trust.

The brand is fun with a nacho as the mascot logo and different graphic elements incorporating the mascot. More importantly, they support using sustainable materials for their packaging. And the food is so good it makes you go “Cheezus!”

To elaborate further, the nacho boxes that we use are made of recycled paper and constructed using water-based glue as they are non-toxic, lightweight, and do not require as much product for forming durable bonds, making them entirely sustainable. Our napkins and utensils are also made from post-consumer recycled fibers and plastics. Additionally, we repurpose the use of plastic scraps and papers, decreasing the weight of landfills. Furthermore, our cups and lids are made of recycled paper and lined with plant-based resin, making them fully compostable. Our straws are also plant-based compostable straws, they are made of sugarcane which is a renewable resource. We also use unbleached paper basket liners as they are naturally grease resistant and are not coated, making them easily compostable. More importantly, everything will be printed using soy ink. Soy inks are made from byproducts of soybean farming, which means that no new crops need to be harvested to create soy-based ink. They also produce brighter and sharper colors as soybean oil is clearer than most petroleum-based inks produced.

As for our circular economy business model, we are implementing incentivized returns. We use kraft paper bags, which are strong and durable, perfect for our to-go foods. Additionally, kraft paper is made of wood pulp which is 100% biodegradable. Hence, to encourage consumers to partake in our greener goal, we will offer them 20% off their final purchase if they bring back all of their to-go food packaging in the bag so we can recycle/compost for them; this statement is also stated at the back of the bag.

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