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CF Napa Creates a Fresh New Look for Black Sage Vineyard

When Arterra Wines Canada was preparing to restage and redesign their Black Sage Vineyard brand, they returned to CF Napa Brand Design – the designers of their original packaging 7 years prior. The winery was transforming the Black Sage Vineyard brand into one with a modern, rustic, yet refined, sensibility and both the wine packaging and the new tasting room space needed to reflect this.

“A BOLD CHOICE. Black Sage Vineyard vines dig deep in the parched Canadian landscape; tenacious vines that for over 25 years have thrived in the rugged South Okanagan desert producing elegant wines brimming with flavour and character.”

CF Napa Brand Design developed the brand vision – including color palette, tasting room design inspiration, and the merchandising and culinary concepts for their new tasting room space. The cream-colored label from the original packaging design was replaced with a more impactful black-and-white palette with pops of red to help tie it back to the original packaging. The copy on the front label was minimized and placed into a technical grid to give the label a modernized, clean look. A square diecut around the logo created an eye-catching detail while allowing the brand name to pop.

For Black Sage Vineyard’s specialty Whiskey Barrel Aged Red Wine, the packaging design was printed on a wood label, providing textural appeal and an insight into the unique winemaking process.

“Black Sage Vineyard wines represent the best of the Okanagan Valley, and what happens when the right vines are planted in the right location.”