Fruit sugar paste for depilation FLIRT PROFESSIONAL

If depilation has a painful process, then all people love delicious fruits for freshness, taste, and healthy properties.
By combining them, we can offer hair removal with delicious and healthy pasta.
Having studied competitors, I completely abandoned the flowers, which are often used in sugar paste for hair removal. It was important for me to contact beauty masters, girls who use the service, what feelings they have. The goal is their smile when they see delicious packaging.

Cosmetics combines natural ingredients, enriched plant extracts, vitamins. I reflected them in packaging with distinctive natural ingredients. Product packaging tells us “I have a lot of fruit on me”  And this factor increases the demand to try.

The main goal is the desire to use exactly FLIRT professional products.  Remove from the mass.  Show distinctive features. Each bank and supplies for depilation is designed for equipment​​​​​​​

The project began in Nur Sultan in February 2016, I started with assortments like apple and raspberry. During this period, we expanded the range. Thanks to all the changes, FLIRT professional is sold throughout the CIS and in premium-class hypermarkets, as well as retail stores, and has expanded its range, has its own sugarmarket. The company is a non-branded manufacturer of other cosmetics in the CIS. Connected the concept of white label.




Designer: Dana Qali

Location: Kazakhstan

Packaging Contents: Sugar paste

Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic