Creating a packaging design for a Mayonnaise

Май is an Kazakh word which means “wealth and good taste”, “bountiful harvest” in Kazakh. The logo concept is written with mayonnaise. Each letter is a dab of mayonnaise.

Having studied competitors, I completely abandoned the familiar colors, which are often used in the sauce. It was important for me to contact consumers who buy the products, what feelings they have when looking at packages. The goal is their appetite when they see delicious packaging. For identity, I decided to completely use a flat illustration. Each bank is designed for equipment.

It is a product line that is planned to be sold at online and physical sales points. The client wanted us to create a strong, modern, and natural brand image. I created an energetic look using vibrant and natural colors.

Loved by many housewives in the style, mouth-watering illustrations and harmonious colors made the product desirable for buyers.

Hope you enjoy it!




Designer: Dana Qali

Location: Kazakhstan

Packaging Contents: Doy pack

Packaging Substrate / Material: Plastic