Optimum-Aquarium Fish Feed

Megha Chitale

This project aims at solving the inconvenience in terms of functionality caused due to improper packaging of Fish Food like Plastic material, more than expected food falling out, visual clutter, etc.

Also, the visuals used on the packaging should celebrate the beauty of the vibrant colors of the fish in the aquarium. Illustrations of an actual floating fish in the aesthetic aquarium, on the packaging, make it appealing and impressive to the target audience who want their fish to bloom and look beautiful.

What’s Unique?

The material used for the packaging is cardboard, which is eco-friendly and doesn’t harm the environment in any way like plastic (which is used for most of the fish feed packaging). The inner surface has an aluminium foil sheet in order to protect the food from factors like moisture and to keep the food fresh.

When it comes to the graphics, the idea was to bring a cultural context to the design. The illustration uses inspiration from Madhubani Art (a traditional Indian folk art) to give it a unique cultural angle.