CF Napa Brand Design

2787 Napa Valley Corporate Dr, Napa, CA 94558, USA

Following the redesign of their multiple product tiers, Hillside Winery engaged CF Napa to elevate the packaging for their wine, Mosaic. Despite being the brand’s most exclusive offering, Mosaic previously shared a design with their other wines. The new packaging for Mosaic needed to be differentiated from the rest of the portfolio and support its premium positioning.

Our design was inspired by Hillside Winery’s iconic cupola and the wine’s name, “Mosaic,” which embodies the blend of Bordeaux varietals artfully balanced for the wine. To translate this visually, we created a mosaic icon—which doubles as a from-the-sky downward view of the cupola—using contrasting gold and pearlescent foils. Strategic embossing and debossing of the foil tiles provided textural interest, echoed the beautifully imperfect art of mosaics, and supported the wine’s tagline – “Small pieces coming together to create a work of art.”