Makebox is a Colombian toy brand for kids 3+ that uses the STEAM learning focus, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Each Makebox has different tools to build projects and illustrated guides. Kids play while learning about animal species with Bestiario, circuits and electricity with Fábrica de Circuitos, transportation vehicles with Por El Camino and stop motion with Cinemático.

The packaging was designed in collaboration with design studio & Dos Más and it’s inspired by Makebox’s magical world Macúa, where the characters live among different reused materials, STEAM tools, and playful environments. You can find an illustration of each STEAM area on the illustration of the packaging. The packaging is designed to be intervened so kids can give personality and have fun painting and drawing on it. Sometimes kids play even more with the box than with the elements inside. That’s why we decided that our packaging must be fun and didactic as well.


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