Exclusive 90th Anniversary Label For Black Sea Gold Winery

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria, https://thelabelmaker.eu

Black Sea Gold is one of the most renowned Bulgarian wineries with a remarkable history behind it. They celebrated their 90th Anniversary with a very special exclusive wine and I was commissioned to design the label for it.

As with every special occasion, I was aiming at a non-traditional yet classy and bold design.

I first created the 90th Anniversary logo, which became the foundation of the whole campaign. I was also chasing a more conservative look with fewer colors. This is how I decided to use a classic black color scheme in my work. Black is always in fashion and this time I decided to make it a lot more special.

Dagaprint printed the new label in two separate layers of different black papers with different textures and then assembled them into one label. Additionally, I added a third type of media for the medal – a thick metal foil with a precise sculpted embossing effect.

The result was quite a surprise even for me, as the black bottom label looked incredible with the two paper layers. The multi-layer effect was enhanced by the wave-pattern texture that was debossed on the lower paper layer with a smooth even finish while on the top one we preserved the original rough paper texture.

The metal foil was stamped with shadowed patina-effect gold to enhance the volume that we received on the surface with the embossing.

We used a classic burgundy bottle with a black semi-matte finish on top.

At the end, we delivered a very masculine and bold bottle design for this Anniversary wine but at the same time, we preserved the elegance and finesse inherited by the wine itself.