Auckland, New Zealand

Two Doctors provided a natural connection between the time and care it takes to perfect a barrel-aged whiskey and the deep chemistry of the process involved.

When John and Jerry, a pair of renowned Sydney doctors, teamed up to create a world-class single-barrel whiskey, they approached it with a surgical amount of care and detail. From the meticulously crafted product to the painstaking attention shown to every step of the process, their vision was for a contemporary whiskey of refined eccentricity.

A product limited to small batches, hand-made from scratch in the Hunter Valley with no labour-saving or shortcuts. By distilling the best possible ingredients they aimed to create a gift to bring long-lasting enjoyment, like a tree planted to provide shade for future generations.

The precision science of whiskey-making guided our design thinking, underpinned by themes of patience and heritage. The brand icon is formed by a T&D locked up within a stethoscope, a nod to the medical background of the two founders. This creates a bold brand stamp, which like the product, brings a touch of playful eccentricity to a traditionally serious and refined category. A closer look at the label links up key letters to reveal the precise ethanol formula used, subtly connecting the Two Doctors typography and the meticulous science involved.

Each detail of the bottle was highly considered to reflect the quality and time invested in the brand; from the engraved, heavily weighted closure to the delicate bespoke embossing on the metal label and Saverglass Another bottle. The Custom designed gift box has a weighty feel befitting the AU $300 price point.

The custom closure on each bottle is matched with a magnetic copper closure on the front of the gift box, and opulent copper foil is used throughout. The inside of the box reveals a pocket containing tasting notes for each single malt whiskey, an elegant, timeless touch that rewards curiosity and discovery.

The end result is a deep, richly textured design befitting a product that took ten years from conception to realisation and is destined to spend six years in barrels before it’s ready to enjoy.


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