Auckland, New Zealand

SingleDouble brings Fen & Field’s philosophy of grain-to-glass spirits to life with a design that captures the distiller’s vision of quality that comes from being uncomplicated and honest. The brief was that the design needed to relate to the distillery’s location, the source of spirit, and have a visual link to the nature in which the spirit is made – methodically crafted by hand to the highest standards.

Fen & Field Distillery is located at the foot of Mt Kapapuku and the land surrounding it was once a marshland teeming with eels that sustained the Maori tribes living in the area (the fen). The distillery is set amongst beautiful Waikato farmland, with circling hawks and hedgerows full of hares & pheasants, a place that was known as the grain basket of New Zealand.

As part of the design process, SingleDouble explored natural materials that delivered the brand’s values. The Estal Hot Rod bottle in Wild Glass was selected for its recycled glass credentials and MCC Labels were consulted regarding natural paper stocks and finishes. The delicate nature of this hand-crafted spirit is evident in the design details and the exquisite use of a delicate hot deboss foil gives the wheat wreath an almost transparent, lace-like finish.


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