Veralidad Studio

Cantabria, España

Brand design and packaging label for a company that produces organic olive oil with a production system based on the management of the green cover of the olive grove.

Promoting sustainable and regenerative agriculture. The olive grove is full of biodiversity with wild flowers, pollinating insects and the local flora that help protect it with bushes and areas of trees.

A sustainable and respectful production with the environment, like the packaging created for the brand with materials that reflect this indisputable value of the company.

Design awards

Pentaward bronze food packaging

Anuaria Selection 2021: Anuaria Award for the best logo of a product or service

Arcapack 2022 Selection: ARCAPACK Award for Best Food Packaging

Arcapack 2022 Selection: ARCAPACK Award for the best “ecofriendly” packaging, reduction of materials, recyclable, sustainable production, respect for the environment.


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