Octopus premium

Veralidad Studio

Cantabria, España

Redesign of packaging for the premium range of Octopus in its own juice from Conservas Emilia.

The main idea of the design is to combine the traditional way of fishing octopus with NASAS and the element contained in the packaging, so that the consumer, when not seeing the product (the window has been eliminated in the new design) has no doubts about what it contains. It plays with a matte background and a UVI varnish in the illustration of the pots (nets) that occupy the entire space giving texture and evoking additional feelings to the touch.

The information on the packaging and the illustration of the product is made in gold finishes with cold stamping with relief. The client’s premises were: elegant, premium and minimalist.

Premios: Selección ARCAPACK 2022 the best food packaging, Selección Anuaria 2023: Premio ANUARIA the best packaging.