Le Barbèque de Bob le Chef

Ezi Brand Design

385 Rue du Pont, Québec, QC G1K 6M8, Canada


Bob le Chef is well known in Québec for being a culinary reference. Building on the success of the Boute-en-train wine range, for which EZI Brand design created the packaging, he now has a new wine to pair with barbecue season. Available in red, white and rosé, EZI came up with a strong brand image easily identifiable to everything barbecue!  These are wines with bold flavours and character that will without a doubt attract grill lovers with this original branding and those bright colors.

Bob le chef n’a plus besoin de présentation dans le paysage québécois. Fort du succès de la gamme Boute-en-train, pour laquelle EZI Brand design a conçu et réalisé le packaging, Il débarque maintenant avec un vin idéal pour accompagner les BBQ. Décliné en rouge, blanc et rosé, EZI a su imaginer pour cette gamme, une image forte et sans équivoque quant à sa vocation. Des vins de caractère et uniques qui devaient attirer les amateurs de grill par un branding original aux couleurs vives.

Curator’s Insight: EZI Brand design has created a striking brand image for the BBQ Wines that captures the essence of summer fun and outdoor cooking. The packaging features bright colors, playful typography and illustrations of barbecue tools and food. The labels also include tips and recipes from Bob le Chef himself, adding a personal touch and inviting consumers to try new combinations.

The Bob le Chef BBQ Wines are a great example of how packaging can communicate a clear message and create an emotional connection with the target audience. EZI Brand design has successfully translated Bob le Chef’s personality and passion into a visual identity that stands out on the shelves and appeals to grill lovers of all ages.