Kim Lam Hairsalon – a sophisticated and daring beauty brand, where the soft and elegant beauty of hair is creatively expressed with a touch of personality.

The logo is a unique combination of the soft and elegant essence of hair, fused with the letter “K,” representing Kim Lam. With finesse and creativity, we have crafted an icon that embodies the natural and refined beauty of hair while accentuating the brand’s individuality and style.

The color tone of the logo combines commitment with black, creating a sense of daring and fashion-forwardness. The committed tone exudes vibrancy and freshness, symbolizing dynamism and youthfulness in the art of hairdressing. The black exudes sophistication and mystery, evoking a classical and refined beauty of hair. This combination strikes a perfect balance between strong individuality and sophisticated style.

Our design style features line art infused with gradients, drawing inspiration from hair and vibrant colors. This distinctive element highlights elegance and boldness, expressing uniqueness and innovation in each design. We aim to showcase the soft and elegant beauty of hair, complemented by innovation and fashion-forwardness.