SPRING DRINK | Soda can packaging (concept)


Тбилиси, Грузия

Introducing “SPRING DRINK” – a vibrant and contemporary soda brand concept designed exclusively for the young and modern tastemakers who crave refreshing indulgence. Crafted with a blend of innovation and nature’s finest offerings, “SPRING DRINK” brings a burst of revitalizing flavors that perfectly resonate with the energetic spirit of today’s dynamic generation.

Packaging represents the atmosphere of playful enchantment, adorned with whimsical  illustrations of animals in cubist style that exude the joyful essence of summer and spring. Inspired by the carefree spirit of childhood and the splendor of the season, the design of soda cans immerse you in the atmosphere of a bright joyful summer and perfectly represents refreshing flavors.

It is a student project and “Spring drink” is just a concept. But I hope that one day this design will be on store shelves.

Curator’s Insight
These soda cans dressed up in the most whimsical illustrations ever. Think funky animals done up in a cubist style – like a playful dream on the hottest summer day. It’s like a gulp of pure joy, and those illustrations? They capture the carefree spirit of childhood and the magic of the season. Sip by sip, you’re practically soaking in the sun-soaked vibes.

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