Oatzen | Non-dairy products packaging design


Тбилиси, Грузия

Introducing “Oatzen” – Your Compassionate Choice in Plant-Based Non-dairy Products

At Oatzen, we’ve harnessed the pure goodness of nature to craft a line of exquisite vegan milk products that not only satisfy your taste buds but also nourish your body and soul. Our mission is simple: to provide a sustainable, dairy-free alternative that’s not just good for you, but for the planet too.

Make the compassionate choice with Oatzen – the plant-based milk that’s as good for you as it is for the planet. Experience the essence of pure almonds in every sip, and join us on a journey toward a sustainable, dairy-free future.

DESIGN: The goal is to create packaging for vegan products (milk and yogurt). The target audience is young, advanced people who follow the latest trends, in other words, hipsters. These products are for people who not only care about their health but also pay attention to design and often buy products because of their cool packaging.

The fact that the milk is not cow’s, but plant-based, emphasizes the style in which the illustrations were created. The plasticine style of the illustrations reflects the artificiality of the milk. At first glance at the packaging, the customer immediately understands that the brand’s message is not cow’s milk from a farm, but a vegan alternative.


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