Fear – a series of alcoholic drinks based on plant extracts

A series of alcoholic drinks based on plant extracts

The goal of this project is to instill an inexplicable feeling of fear.

The main solution was the shadows of human hands that turn into monsters. The created dissonance from an understandable and recognizable silhouette, placed in an unnatural environment and transformed into an incomprehensible image, encourages the user to study and examine the product.

The project is primarily illustrative rather than typographical. The main technique is to blur the shadow a little and distort it in accordance with the plant on which the drink is made: tequila – cactus, mezcal – agave and absinthe – wormwood.

Curator’s Insight

Now, creating a sense of fear through packaging is quite the creative challenge, this is indeed a unique concept that breaks away from the typical visual cues we associate with alcoholic beverages.