Qvevri Elegance: The Artistry of Borra de la Vega’s Label

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Tradition Meets Modernity in Wine

In the world of fine wines, labels are more than identifiers; they are canvases that tell a winery’s story. Bodegas Enclave’s latest creation, Borra de la Vega, masterfully blends contemporary aesthetics with timeless elegance, all while paying homage to the tradition of qvevri fermentation.

A Blend of Eras

Borra de la Vega’s label effortlessly merges modern allure with classic sophistication. Its grey background on textured paper promises a tactile experience, and a deeper look reveals its artistic intricacies.

Geometry and Legacy

The label features an intricate geometric frame construction adorned with matte copper foil and meticulous embossing, creating an artistic harmony. This fusion of modern design and timeless materials sets Borra de la Vega apart. The outstanding print quality mastered to its tiniest details was delivered by our partners from Dagaprint.com

Heritage and Innovation

Central to the label design is the winery’s logo, a symbol of the wine’s essence. The logo is a work of art, with a contemporary qvevri vessel silhouette interwoven with a Dutch windmill – symbolizing the Dutch roots of the winemaker and the progress in winemaking.

This logo is more than ink; it’s an expression of art stamped with gunmetal hotfoil and adorned with a subtle wave pattern—a visual delight as tasteful as the wine itself.

Deciphering ‘Borra de la Vega’

The wine’s name, “Borra de la Vega” holds depth. It intertwines the surnames of Annabelle and her partner, the driving force behind Bodegas Enclave’s journey. In the poetic language of Argentinian Spanish, ‘Borra’ signifies ‘lees,’ the heart of winemaking, while ‘De la Vega’ whispers of riverside beauty and the grace of nature. Together, these names capture the essence of Bodegas Enclave’s craft, rooted in heritage, partnership, and nature’s flow.

Crafted with Heart

Borra de la Vega is more than a label; it’s a testament to dedicated winemaking. Each bottle reflects meticulous craftsmanship, with grapes handpicked from Olite, Spain’s biodynamic vineyards. This qvevri wine, an annual artisanal blend, embodies Bodegas Enclave’s unwavering commitment to creating liquid art.

In each sip of Borra de la Vega, you savor not just wine but the rich tapestry of tradition, innovation, and partnership that birthed this new wine label design. It’s a tribute to the heritage and a nod to the future — an impeccable qvevri blend captured in a bottle — a masterpiece, a legacy in liquid form.