Dr Hahnz Brand Reinventing


When we talk about luxury, we envision something that brings together the very best of the best, and that’s precisely what Dr. Hahnz brings to the pet food market.

Thinking about our beloved furfriends, what could be more luxurious than having access to nutrient-rich food recommended by those who understand their specific nutritional needs the most?

Many veterinarians discourage feeding pets with food from supermarkets, citing a lack of essential nutrition. They often recommend sourcing pet food from veterinary practices or premium stores. Dr. Hahnz aims to revolutionize this approach, making luxurious and nutrient-rich pet food directly accessible in supermarkets, ensuring that premium pet nutrition is available everywhere.

After intense research and drawing on his years of experience, Dr. Hahnz developed recipes guaranteed to satisfy dogs’ and cats’ instinctive cravings. Including premium ingredients, like premium olive oil for great energy and coat conditioning, their product range is the first vet-recommended available in supermarkets.

When we started designing the packaging, I remember being initially impressed by the flavors that seemed to have come from the menu of a fine restaurant. “Ostrich & Blueberries,” “Lamb & Orange,” and “Chicken, Duck & Turkey” made me realize that this product was on another level.

Our starting point was to envision packaging that conveyed both the years of experience and research in development, almost like an alchemical process, and the luxurious aspect of the product.

The result is a packaging design that could grace the bottle of a good 18-year-old single malt Scotch whisky due to its intricate details, copper foil, stylish typography, and engraved elements. We aim to move away from the typical “cute” appearance. This is about food, high-quality food, and the cuteness factor belongs to your pet.