Nykur Vodka Draco Aqua Limited Edition


Two fantasy worlds collide.
Nykur & Draco Aqua

Nykur, a mythical beast of Faroese folklore, appears in the shape of a shimmering grey horse emerging from the depths of Faroe’s lakes. Its beauty tempts weary travelers to mount or pet it. Once they do, they stick fast, trapped as Nykur drags them to a watery grave. To break the spell, call out its name – Nykur.

From the beginning, the brand philosophy was to create a premium organic vodka that is smooth, unlike any other existing.

Produced using pure Faroese water filtered through the 12 layers of 55 million-year-old basalts that allow natural cleansing and mineralization, and made of sustainably farmed, all-natural, certified organic ingredients, Nykur presents a higher standard of spirits that are aromatic and flavorful.

Two fantasy worlds collide. In collaboration with artist Anne Stokes, Draco Aqua makes a brief appearance in the real world through Nykur’s award-winning organic vodka.

As an RPG fan, I grew up surrounded by fantasy worlds such as Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic The Gathering through my brother, with the advent of video games, I finally had my chance to explore different worlds by playing Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy. With this background, I am delighted to have been invited to create this packaging design and the product visual, as well as its 3D visualization.

Enjoy the purity of Nykur Vodka but stay alert. Nykur’s spirit lives in every bottle.

Client: Nykur Spirits
Draco Aqua Illustration and Copyright, and Anne Stokes Logo: Anne Stokes
Label Design and CGI: Rafael Maia
Creative Studio: C.Carbon


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