Vividus. Salmon oil for pets

Vividus. Salmon Oil for pets

Salmon oil is an important product in the diet of pets. Vividus oil stands out for its high Omega-3 content. It is produced from wild salmon caught in the sea near the Kamchatka Peninsula. The main benefit of Omega-3 for pets is healthy and beautiful fur. Just like the shiny scales of a beautiful strong wild salmon, beautiful fur glimmers and shines in the sun. This association formed the basis of the design for Vividus salmon oil packaging. We tried to make the packaging not only informative but also convey the feeling of the shimmering scales of the salmon in the sun. For this, fish were applied to the packaging using foil stamping.

Vividus is a brand of pet products created and tested by professional breeders and veterinarians. All products of the brand are beneficial to pets, helping to care for their fur and overall health. The name Vividus translates from Latinas bright, full of life. Hence, the brand’s slogan emerged: “For a vivid and healthy life.” The name also defined the brand’s character: vibrant, lively, curious, playful.