Garage Hard Strawberry Beer Mix – label design

Design Depot

bul. "General Eduard I. Totleben", Sofia, Bulgaria

Brief: Create a label vision for an all-new Hard Strawberry flavor developed under the Garage brand, focused on consumers from several markets in Europe.

Through the new taste and look of the Strawberry flavor labels, we had to support the launch of the Garage brand as an invigorating fruity alcoholic drink. To attract the attention of young people (18–30) who are very willing to try new things.

The main challenges we had to deal with:

  1. Design a label appearance that highlights the adult nature of the beverage and makes it stick out nicely on the shelf amid the assortment of beverages.
  2. To have a strawberry flavor that is both intriguing and novel, keeping the tone and identity of the other Garage scent categories. In other words, to have a vibrant design — an unconventional strawberry graphic element in the highest level of authenticity and arranged in an eye-catching manner on the labels. The image was to evoke three feelings: flavor, naturalness, and refreshment.

Our concept came together around that crafty feeling you get in a fresh, homemade drink or just chilling, unplanned and casual. To be recognized in the freshest possible way and expect the unexpected. We just need to trust our instincts — the best moments come in every hour.

Main message: We don’t plan the party, we just bring the alcoholic lemonade.

Other goals for the new flavor to reach:

  • Craftiness – we are fresh with a very natural taste
  • Fun – we are neither boring nor explosive.

Meanwhile, we should not stray too far or visually enter an area that is too extreme. We had to follow the line in which the different flavors of the brand were developed, mainly the current lemon flavor

Our success criteria are:

  • We breathed life into cunning. Using an interesting way to cut fruit.
  • We created an illustration that captures maximum freshness by adding water drops.
  • We used colors that allowed us to make the strawberry illustration stand out well enough on the label.

We think it turned out fresh, don’t you?