Design Depot

bul. "General Eduard I. Totleben", Sofia, Bulgaria

Packages designed for Teo Bebe specialized baby cosmetics

Teo Bebe is a leading Bulgarian brand that offers a range of specialized baby fabric and skincare products.

Our task was to develop the packaging of the shampoo for the latest Teo Bebe line of baby personal care, offering an animated character that would be the easiest to recognize and the most simplistic. Therefore, it had to be sufficiently distinctive and evoke the strongest emotions appropriate to the category in which the goods are located.
To design color palettes that emphasize and complement the product category and type.

The new product must feel significantly better than those already available on the market to further enhance the perception of trustworthiness.

Creative Agency: Design Depot Ltd.
Design and prepress: Dimitar Dimitrov, Nikol Butanska, Design Depot Ltd.
Character illustrations: Nikol Butanska, Design Depot Ltd.
Production support: Dimitar Dimitrov
Product Packshots, Texturing, and Lighting: Vera Tsaneva
Retouched: Dimitar Dimitrov, Nikol Butanska, Design Depot Ltd.